Large format printing is the creation of printed materials on a large scale typically ranging from 18” and 100” wide. Above all, It has many purposes and can be effective in a variety of ways. There are endless formats and mediums that fall into this style.

The Many Types of Large Format Printing Materials

  • Blueprints – The reproduction of technical drawings that document an architectural or engineering design. A lot of people refer to blueprints as construction documents or construction plans.
  • Signs & Banners – Great for real estate locations, construction sites, storefronts and much more.
  • Posters – You can go to a printing shop that specializes in large format printing and get single or multiple posters printed. Great to hang in your break room, office or at home.
  • Vinyl Decals – Basically a large sticker made of vinyl that you can safely stick on your window, car or wall.

Advantages of Large Format Printing Services

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There are many advantages to using printing services, besides, it offers great versatility. For example, as detailed above, it serves many mediums and purposes. All you need to do is find a quality print shop that provides large format printing and you’re golden. As a result, you can get an unlimited amount of usage and get it conveniently done all in one place.

The most advantageous approach or use of large format printing is for marketing purposes. Posters, decals, and signs, as well as much more, can be used in various stages in a marketing campaign. Most importantly, it is particularly good for attracting foot or vehicle traffic.

Therefore, no matter if you need a poster for your kid’s bedroom or 1,000 decals for your business, you can count on us to get the job done.

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