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Throughout Pinellas County, tons of people and businesses rely on custom flags as marketing devices to give their business a boost. If you are in the Clearwater, Largo, and Seminole areas, then using top-quality banners can improve the attractiveness of your business without emptying your funds. Your services will draw more eyes and pique the interest of potentially hundreds of drivers each day!

Custom Flags are Great for Every Business in Clearwater

No matter what services you offer in the Clearwater, Largo, or Seminole area, custom flags are an effective and worthwhile marketing tool. Businesses that typically benefit from custom print marketing include:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants
  • Auto shops
  • Tax Services
  • Event Vendors

However, the marketing advantages of custom flags are not limited to these handfuls of businesses. Entrepreneurs, consumers, and other companies can also benefit from our services. You can use these tools as directions, alerts, to display hours, openings, or sales, or just to let potential customers know where you are located. Plaza or remote locations around Clearwater can easily install bright markers to show customers the way instead of leaving them to get lost and give up. Clear instructions are a necessity that can both keep customers safe and alert them to your deals!

Flags are Inexpensive

Custom flags do not require costly regular maintenance or monthly fees. Once you place your banner, that’s it! The easy installation offers businesses in Seminole, Largo, and Clearwater a way to boost local traffic without breaking the bank. We also provide rapid turnaround times to ensure your orders reach you as soon as possible.

The materials are also extremely durable and can even be weatherproof. The heavy rain and strong winds experienced in Tampa Bay will have little effect on your high-quality banners! Unlike paper posters or other temporary advertisements, our banners do not need replacement after a short amount of time due to exposure. In all, buyers end up spending less money on replacing marketing materials. That leaves you with more time to be spent on improving your company. However, if high winds or hurricanes are in the forecast, it is wise to tie them up or bring them down to be on the safe side. Hurricane winds can easily reach into the hundreds of miles.

Get Noticed in Seminole

Depending on where you place your signage, your custom flags will draw more eyes. However, placing them in any visible area means people will notice. Some may choose to place them in front of their business or, for realtors, in front of their selling property. With easy and convenient placement, residents of Clearwater, Largo, and Seminole who spot these signs will either visit right away or keep the company and location in mind. Placing your banners along the sides of busy roads is another simple way to catch the eyes of potential customers who may be looking for the services you offer.

Large events are another perfect spot to get use out of your banners. Throughout Seminole and Largo, there are many markets, festivals, concerts, and gatherings that attract large groups of people, including vendors. You can also benefit from our rapid turnaround time to quickly order and set up signs on short notice. We offer same-day or next day delivery on large prints.

Perfect for Any Design

Each type of flag has a different look that you can customize to your likings. No matter what statement you make or the logo you use, one of these custom flags will do the trick. Most custom flags come in four different shape options:

  • Teardrop
  • Dolphin
  • Feather
  • Bowhead

While printing any design onto this material is simple, there are some design tips to keep in mind in order to create the most effective and appealing advertisement. Rectangular-shaped logos work best, as that is the natural shape of the banner. For round, square, or other shaped images, the typical placement is in the top corner.

When it comes to colors, try bright shades like red, yellow, and orange to catch the attention of people walking past. Use bright colors for your font but pair it with a neutral color like white or beige for a design that is not too intense. Blues and greens are calming and trustworthy colors, working well for spas, environmentally-centered businesses, massage centers, and private health businesses like chiropractors. However, they are no limits to what you can design or the colors you can use.

What you put on your design should be clear and straightforward. Most people driving past will only have a few seconds to catch your message. Even a generic sign advertising your services can increase business for companies in Clearwater, Largo, and Seminole!

Trust LDI for Marketing Materials in Largo and Surrounding Areas

At LDI, our goal is to create high-quality marketing materials for local businesses that highlight their services and unique appeal. Along with custom flags, we design posters, magnets, vinyl decals, even blueprint printing! We are the leader in plotting and printing construction drawings, and we have been serving the industry for over 30 years. Companies throughout Seminole, Clearwater, and Largo can trust LDI to create the perfect marketing materials to grow their customer base! To get the best in pricing and quality, contact us online or at (727) 573-9070 today.

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