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Custom aluminum signs are a durable and affordable way to advertise your business in Clearwater. While vinyl and foam can carry the same design, these metal boards will last longer and can even withstand constant exposure without deteriorating!

Durable Enough for Clearwater Weather

Weather in Clearwater can be unpredictable. Particularly hot days can easily damage cheaper materials and non-metals. Sporadic rains can also cause images and writing to fade from other types of surfaces. Factors that jeopardize your signage include:

  • Humidity
  • Storms
  • Intense UV rays
  • Strong winds

With metal advertisements, you can avoid worrying about damage due to the weather. Aluminum is a sturdy metal that is strong enough to be used in airplanes. This material is waterproof, meaning rain and humidity will not degrade or react with it. Other types of metals will oxidize and require additional treatment for protection. Secured correctly, this metal will stay put even with strong winds and storms. Though the material can take a hit, it is still lightweight and easy to handle. While vinyl also withstands rains, it is not the best product when dealing with strong winds. The pushing and pulling of winds can cause the grommets securing the banner to rip and damage the vinyl.

By contrast, foam boards cannot withstand outdoor weather for long periods of time. They can become dirty, bend, and soggy if it rains, or even if it is particularly humid. This material is better for short-term or single-usage, unlike custom aluminum signs, which can last for years!

Custom Aluminum Signs Can Go Anywhere

If you are running a construction project, then custom aluminum signs can advertise their services as well as serve to warn workers and others near the construction site. Dirt, dust, and power tools are not a concern for Clearwater construction sites with durable safety markings.

You can also use metal signage inside or outside of buildings as location markers or directional placards. Customers can easily locate restrooms with proper directions, navigate large spaces with many designated areas, and even improve storefronts!

As a form of advertising on-the-go, your aluminum signs can be bolted to company trucks, cars, and larger vehicles. People in other vehicles will take notice whenever you are out and about. We can also work with you to create designs and improve your marketing material.

Aluminum Signs Serve as Permanent Advertisements

Coroplast and foam boards, along with vinyl banners, are effective ways to get Clearwater residents to notice your business.

Foam boards and banners are perfect when marketing upcoming events. They take little effort to set up and take down. Coroplast works the same way, and also makes for great directions if you are advertising your business’s presence at an event. However, they are weaker and fade over time. Custom aluminum signs provide a permanent solution that does not rapidly fade. Properly secured to surfaces, these placards will stay up regardless of the weather.

Custom Aluminum Signs are Perfect for Any Design

Custom aluminum signs can be created to meet the needs of any client. Colors, text, and images can all be changed depending on the purpose of the poster. As warnings, most placards feature red, yellow, black, white, or a combination of the colors. Red and yellow are eye-catching colors that call for attention.

While green also serves as a warning color, it often designates directions, recycling, and parking as well. Blue marks restrooms, handicap accessibility, and pools. However, use any colors you prefer in your designs to make your business stand out in Clearwater.

While most custom aluminum signs serve as warnings, directions, or other notices, you can use them as decoration for homes and the inside of businesses as well! Placards with your last name and address are helpful for delivery drivers and visitors. Drivers will not need to constantly call you to verify your address or get lost among similar-looking homes. You can also print signage with family rules, sayings, and other unique designs that are meaningful to your family! Regardless of the need, you can take advantage of the best in pricing, quality, and support with LDI.

Let LDI Clearwater Handle Your Printing Needs in Tampa Bay

At LDI Clearwater, we provide printing and signage for businesses all around Tampa Bay. Residents and businesses can take advantage printing services like architectural and engineering prints, cut vinyl decals, and custom aluminum signs. We strive to create the perfect materials to help your business thrive! In addition, LDI Clearwater works closely with firms in the construction industry to produce durable drawings and safety warnings that keep sites safe and efficient. For more information on our products and services, find us online or call us at (727) 573-9070.

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