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Yard signs are a popular way to market events, services, and businesses around Clearwater. Coroplast signs are also great decorations to add to parties. In addition, they are lightweight, inexpensive, and can withstand harsh weather. With custom design options, both of these posters have many functions.

What are Coroplast Signs?

These posters are made from a type of corrugated plastic. These sheets are lightweight, waterproof, and can last a long time. Because of these favorable properties, many people use these poster boards for a variety of reasons. This material is inexpensive to make and prints well with custom texts, colors, and images to ensure they fit your needs.

Perfect for Advertisements

Yard signs make excellent advertisements in Clearwater. These coroplast signs can be hung from surfaces, stuck in the ground with metal posts, or held in a person’s hand as a marketing tool. Industries that utilize these inexpensive displays include:

  • Restaurants
  • Realtors
  • Political campaigns
  • Craftsmen

With customizable designs, these boards are perfect for any business looking to get their name out to potential clients.

Construction Sites

Coroplast signs are helpful at construction sites in Clearwater. While they can be printed with the company’s name as an ad, these yard signs function better as warnings. It is crucial to place safety warnings around construction sites for the benefit of workers and pedestrians alike.

At construction sites, most posters are printed in black, white, red, yellow, or a combination of the colors. Yellow and red call for attention, allowing those in the area to notice the warning. The text is typically straightforward, reading ‘danger,’ ‘warning,’ ‘caution,’ and ‘construction site.’

Because they are made of such a durable material, these boards fare well with the dirt, debris, and power tools at these sites. In addition, they can be picked up and moved around easily.

Use Coroplast Signs at Parties

Coroplast signs are a fun way to decorate for a party. Create a few prints for in front of your house to let people know they have come to the right home. If you are having the party out back, design fun boards to celebrate. For indoor parties, use these posters to create backgrounds for photo-ops. With sticky tack, pins, or painters tape, these prints hang up easily and come down with no problems.

Yard signs work for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, weddings, and all other celebrations. With tasteful designs, these decorations can add an extra bit of fun to celebrations.

Use Yard Signs as Vendor Ads

When large events feature lots of vendors, it can be difficult for people to find your location. With coroplast signs, you can create direction boards and ads to let people know where you are. At large events in the area, like the Safety Harbor Fresh Market and St. Pete’s Saturday Morning Market, let customers know how to get to your table and what you are offering.

To attract even more attention, create ads before the event to post around Clearwater, and use these yard signs to let people know you will be present at market, concert, or other happenings in the area. Individuals who might not care for the event still might show up if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Let People Know About Sporting Events in Clearwater

Yard signs are a simple way to bring people’s attention to events going on around Clearwater. Since they are relatively inexpensive, it is reasonable to create these marketing tools for short-term use. With metal posts, these boards can be stuck in the dirt along roads, sidewalks, and outside of homes and businesses. If there are upcoming soccer games, triathlons, or any nonsporting event that you wish to let people know about, look into coroplast signs. It only takes a few moments to put them up and take them down.

Let LDI Clearwater Handle Your Custom Printing

At LDI Clearwater, we create many different kinds of custom coroplast signs for businesses and individuals alike. Our yard signs are durable, colorfast, and work well both indoors and outdoors. We also print marketing materials for local businesses, including postcards, business cards, cut vinyl decals, and vehicle magnets. In addition, LDI Clearwater is one of Tampa Bay’s lead companies for plotting and printing construction drawings. For more information on how we can create your prints, contact us online or call us at (727) 573-9070.

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