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Certain industries in Clearwater like architecture, engineering, and construction require high-quality construction document printing services. Services that can help them win bids, manage projects more easily, and more effectively complete their work.

At LDI Printing & Signs Clearwater, we provide advanced reprographics and print services for blueprint scanning and archiving and more. Our team works hard to deliver prints ahead of schedule because we know our clients are working with tight deadlines with high standards. The technology and materials we use ensure superior clarity and quality with every print.

Preparing for High-Quality Construction Document Printing

Before you send your files off for construction document printing in Clearwater, you will want to be sure that you have everything prepared for a smooth job free of any snags. We have included a prepress checklist that you can use to ensure that your projects are thoroughly edited and ready to head to print. If you would like professional assistance with your prepress formatting, one of our team members can walk through the steps with you so the end result meets your expectations.

File Type

Most construction document printing these days use digital files such as DWGs from AutoCAD or PDFs, but other programs like InDesign may use PNGs. What file type you use depends on the content of the file, how you want to print it, and other things like integrity. If you need to convert any files before sending off to the printer, it is best to check that nothing was corrupted during the conversion. Also, double check that the final file has the correct formatting and that nothing was shuffled around when converting.

If your files require any support files like fonts and media, be sure that they are included and clearly labeled.


Many print projects use a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color palette as opposed to RGB (red, green, and blue). The extra tone provides more accurate hues and is more consistent across printers. Before exporting, make sure that text and images are in CMYK and that the names of the colors are continuous throughout the project’s files.

Media and Layout

Construction document printing may include high-res images and other media that may need resizing or converting when transferring file formats. Certain colors may be too dark or too light based on the material you wish to print on. Make any necessary adjustments with the result in mind.

The layout of a file can change during conversion or transfer. Plus, different printers may affect the bleed area for proofs. The standard bleed area is three to five mm, but you can check with a print professional to ensure that your project is in line with the standards based on how you want to print your materials.

Printing Services for Construction Documents, Blueprints, and More

Architects, construction crews, engineers, designers, and others in the industry require sharp, precise prints of any blueprints. Including plans, outlines, redlines, and other guides for constructing or designing structures. Therefore, these professionals need a printer that offers the highest-quality services at the best price. At LDI Printing & Signs Clearwater, we ensure that our clients get the assistance they need on budget and on time. We offer a variety of print materials including banners, signs, booklets, business cards, and so much more. Our professionals also assist with scanning and archiving for digital conversion.

In addition to construction document printing, we also provide:

  • Blueprints (digital and standard)
  • Enlargements
  • CAD plotting
  • Wide format printing
  • Binding
  • Marketing materials
  • Small and large format printing
  • Same-day pick-up and delivery in Clearwater

For all your reprographic related needs like construction document printing, trust LDI Clearwater. Call us today at (727) 573-9070 or contact us online to discuss your next project.

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