1. Find Your UVP

The first thing you need to do when creating a brand is to build a unique value position (UVP). Your UVP is essentially taking the elements that make your product or service different from your competition and forming it into a statement. Simply start by surveying your competition and make a list of absolutely everything you and they have to offer. Then, set apart everything that makes your brand different or unique.

Ultimately, your UVP will be the item that gives your business the highest competitive edge. Your UVP can be something broad or more specific. It can be anything from providing the best customer service to being the only cupcake shop in town with all-organic ingredients. You just need to find your niche.

  1. Put Your UVP Into a Tagline

Now it’s time to put that UVP into action and let your customers know why your brand is the best. Your tagline should exemplify your UVP and sound catchy. It should be concise and can be fun IE a rhyme or jingle. Your tagline should be placed below your logo and shown prominently on all marketing materials.

  1. Find Supporting Points

Now it’s time to revert back to your original list you made about your company. Your supporting points are everything that did not make the cut. These items could overlap with your competition but still are a quality part of your business. The supporting points should be placed near the top of all marketing materials you create and be featured in various areas on your website.

  1. Establish Facts Through Market Research

Now that you have your UVP, tagline, and supporting points – it is time to add some substance. The way you create facts behind your trademark is through market research. If you say you have the best prices in town, then you need to have the best prices in town.

The first step to this is to gauge your competition’s prices and create statistics around the price margins I.E. “We beat our competition’s prices by 25%.” Knowing your market will help you make the most accurate statements, creating happy customers who trust you and in the long-term; build brand loyalty.

  1. Let Your UVP and Supporting Points Define Your Brand Voice

Having a consistent voice is important because it allows your customers or clients to see your brand as a living personality. It will make it more memorable and relatable. Your brand voice is the style of writing and content featured in your materials and online posts.

If your style seems more professional up to this point in the creation process, then you would want that to permeate through your brand voice. If it sounds more like a salesman or has a casual tone, those elements would be ideal for your brand voice. Whatever your voice is, make sure it is consistent with everything else.

  1. Get Quality Marketing Materials Made

Now that you have a well-rounded reputation strategy, it’s time to put it to use. You want your brand to live on business cards, brochures, your website, and anything else that makes sense to your business. The more communication avenues you utilize, the higher the possibility of creating sales and retaining customers. The fact that you now have a strong brand built, it will be easy to put it on paper or online and reap the benefits.


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