Advertising can come in a variety of forms from billboards to online ad spots. However, if you are looking for an effective way to market your services without breaking the bank, then decals or stickers are a fantastic alternative. However, you may be wondering what exactly are the differences between the two and if one is better than the other? While similar in that they are adhesive forms of advertising that can be placed on a variety of surface, they typically differ when it comes to costs, longevity, and use. Decals are a type of sticker that, due to the coating, are usually weather-resistant and placeable outdoors. Rather than being something temporary, business owners, advertisers, event organizations, and brands can instead rely on a long-lasting sign. Besides differences in durability, decals differ from stickers in their typical use.

Uses for Decals

Depending on what type of decal you decide on, you may get a different look or more durable finishes. Vinyl decals, unlike stickers, are transferred onto a surface instead of sitting on top and being easily removable. well-labeled means that decals are pretty much permanent. Certain chemicals can remove the adhesive and make it easier to remove. However, scrapping them off is challenging and will most likely damage the surface while leaving seemingly permanent stuck on bits. For this reason, decals are always better for exterior surfaces like the outside of panes. Some great places to use vinyl decals include:

  • Car windows
  • Side of vehicles
  • On equipment like helmets and machinery
  • Storefronts
  • Glass doors
  • Office windows

Regardless of where you want to place them, the process is the same. By simply pealing, lining up, and putting your decal, you can have a professional-looking image displaying business details. Customers are much more likely to be interested and find your locations when you have a well-labeled storefront. At LDI Printing & Signs, you can get the best quality vinyl decals for whatever situation.

Uses for Stickers

Stickers are less expensive and not as large. While you can print vinyl decals for storefront windows, stickers are often better used as promotional material. Customers, employees, and fans of your services can represent and spread your brand and logo. Almost every business offers some sort of advertising material like stickers. You often cannot purchase a brand name computer or phone without also receiving one or more stickers. They are less costly so they are easy to produce and give out or offer to customers.

Regardless of your printing needs, LDI has you back with quick turnarounds, better materials, and prints that perfectly match your specifications. You can go online or call (727) 573-9070 to learn more or place an order. You can also invest in other printing services like signs, banners, and other marketing material with LDI today.