How to Create a Blueprint drawing

No matter if you are building a family home, high-rise, convenience store, or a sweet treehouse, your structure depends on a good blueprint. There are two ways to create a blueprint. The first or the original way would be to draw by hand (the purists are still out there). The second more common way today is through the use of specific graphing software. **We suggest you consult the appropriate construction professional before you build anything, nail to board. (Please at…

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color blueprints


What is a blueprint? Answer: (n) A design plan or other technical drawing. Answer: (v) To draw a plan or model. In words, a blueprint seems like a pretty simple idea. But the reality is that these prints are intricate workings where actual lives rely on the accuracy of them. In this blog series, we will be focusing on the type of blueprints used by the construction industry. Construction blueprints ( also called construction plans or construction drawings) are 2-d…

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What is House Plan Printing? Printing for Builders

How Has House Plan Printing or Blueprinting Changed? Technology has had a considerable impact on house plan printing. Also known as blueprints and named for the dark blue pages they were once printed upon, house plan printing has come a long way in the last 15 years.  Not too long ago, most home plans were printed on paper treated with chemicals and developed with ammonia (blueprints). Today, they are made of bond paper and printed on a large format digital…

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