What is a blueprint?

Answer: (n) A design plan or other technical drawing.
Answer: (v) To draw a plan or model.

blueprint art

In words, a blueprint seems like a pretty simple idea. But the reality is that these prints are intricate workings where actual lives rely on the accuracy of them. In this blog series, we will be focusing on the type of blueprints used by the construction industry.

Construction blueprints ( also called construction plans or construction drawings) are 2-d drawings that contain all the project details needed to request permits, determine the construction schedule and eventually do the complete the construction itself.

A set of blueprints is made up of a collection of construction industry professionals. They are organized by discipline or trade. The average set is compromised with the following:

construction drawing

G General
C Civil
L Landscape
S Structural
A Architectural
I Interiors
F Fire Protection
P Plumbing
M Mechanical
E Electrical
T Telecommunications

Creating a blueprint nowadays is normally done through complex software. Originally was completed by hand (you know before computers and such). We will touch on this in the next blog post.

Typical blueprints are black and white even though the name might make it seem not so. The name “blueprint” derives from the original printing method of these drawings, which we will go into more depth on our thrid blog installment. Today everything is done digitally, allowing the use of full color.

In summary, a blueprint is the heart of a construction project.