1. Have a Goal

The first thing you need to ask yourself when creating marketing materials is “why am I making this?” The answer should have substance. You need to know the purpose of all the marketing materials you create. Many owners or marketers get caught up with the colors, where the logo is placed or trying to clever. Now we’re not saying to lack creativity but the goal should dictate everything. Don’t cram everything about your product or business into one piece. Ask yourself, what’s the purpose of this brochure or flyer? Once you know that, you’ll be able to tell a better and clearer story.

  1. Know Your Target Market

Not all words are created equally. And not all words, images and color schemes are going to speak to your target market. If you’re targeting business owners, you may want a more professional look. If you’re targeting young people, you may want brighter colors and different verbiage. Research your market – know it inside and out – and the vision for what your marketing materials piece should look like will become much more clear.

  1. Have a Hook

Knowing your market and having a goal will help create an effective piece but if you don’t catch someone’s attention – they’ll never read or see it. You need something to reel them in. This can be done in many ways. A shocking statement, such as “Facebook is dead” for a social media marketing company could work. An image that is humorous but relatable to your product or service can catch an eye. A sale or deal usually works. Or you can just go with a statement that clearly explains why your business or service is unique.

  1. Find a Good Printing Shop

When choosing a printing shop, three words come to mind – local, versatile and quality. You want a local company that you can visit, see how the operations are running and if the leadership team is dedicated to their product. It’s also a good look give back to your community and support a locally owned shop.

Versatility is important because you don’t want your business cards printed at one place, your sign somewhere else and your flyer at another store. Besides that it is convenient to get all your print work done at one shop, you also want a shop that will give you a consistent look amongst all your materials.

Quality is maybe the most important word that comes to mind. Your printed materials are a representation of your business, you want it to be well crafted and deliver your message the way your brand deserves.

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