We all know that signs can be an effective way to drive foot or vehicle traffic. Whether it’s a billboard, a hanging banner or a disposal sign in the yard – signs help. Typically, you’ll see a sign with a business name, contact info and maybe a tagline but that’s not always enough. You want to get creative and mix up your content and design with intention. The key is to make sure your content/design combo is effective. With that being said, here are 4 effective sign ideas to boost your advertising:

1.) Sale or Discount Sign

You want to catch people’s eye when creating the verbiage in your sign. There is no better way to catch some eyes than with a sale or discount. It’s a great way to get people to pick up the phone or walk through the door. Depending on your business, you could offer a free consultation, percentage discount or some type of BOGO offer. No matter what the sale is, make sure to put it front and center so people can see it.

2.) Motivational Quote

Everyone has bad days. Whether it is a tough day at work or home, we all can use a pick-me-up every so often. Sometimes, it just takes a few encouraging words to turn someone’s day around. When creating sign ideas to promote your business, it doesn’t hurt to spread some positivity.  You’ll still need to have logic and purpose to your sign IE you’ll need to tie the quote back to what you offer and include your company name or contact info. But you never know you may affect and that person might just be your next customer. Take a look at different quote ideas from the link in the subheading above.


3.) 3D Graphic

Fun, interactive and eye-catching – all good elements to incorporate as a goal into your sign. But how can you accomplish all three? A great way to do so is with a 3D graphic on your sign. Once again, the concept will need to tie back to your business and contact info. As for ideas on what 3D graphics style to utilize – you could have a sign that depicts your logo or product rising from the floor or jumping off the wall. Whatever way you go, it’s sure to be effective.

4.) Humorous Sign Ideas

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? You want to show personality when it comes to your business. A strong personality = A better brand. So, one way to do this is with some humor. Catch potential customer’s eyes with a funny image or quote. If you can get people reacting to your sign, you’re more likely to get them to put some thought into who you are.


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